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Two Years of Democratizing AI

Valohai is turning 2 years old in three weeks. The paperwork was done on October 16th, 2016. It’s been a thrilling ride so I’ll take this chance to write a few words about why we really started this company.

People should work less and enjoy life. Keeping this goal in mind we started looking for the next big potential wave of automation. For a while already we saw huge potential in deep learning automating many of the everyday tasks that take a huge portion of people's lives.

We asked ourselves what we could do to help more companies adopt and use Deep Learning faster. It didn’t take long to realize how immature the tooling around production level deep learning was and still is. And that's the problem that we decided to focus on.

Today deep learning is still very exclusively done in large extremely tech focused companies but we want to change that. We aim to cut a few years of tool building for all of the new comers who are willing to jump on the wave. And I am happy to say that we have already succeeded in doing that for a few companies.

I hope our company will be one of the core stepping stones going forward in full job automation and generating more enjoyable and meaningful life. We are slowly building the industry standards on how to do this stuff at scale, robustly and reliably.

Thank you to all our customers and users!
Eero Laaksonen
Eero Laaksonen
Valohai CEO

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